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Premium Plans

bulk video editing + creative management
So you can get back to creating content.
4-Day Delivery Guarantee, and 48 Hour Revisions make us a dream for content creators!


We've made Thousands of Videos for Major Brands

Simplify the way your content gets edited.

  • 5 FREE Revisions on all Videos, if necessary

  • Dedicated Creative Director

  • Dedicated Account Management

  • Dedicated Editing Team

  • 2 Free Thumbnails per Video

  • Algorthium Enhanced Editing

  • FREE Motion Graphics!

  • Animated Logos

  • Premium Sound and Effects

Simplify the way your editing gets done.

We're an full service in-house video editing agency capable to edit thousands of videos each month. We take the burden off your team to create as many videos you need to publish the content you want. 

Send us a link to your footage

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We edit it

We deliver it

Creative Management

Our Creative Directors understand the Algorithums from each of the platforms to excell your content and gain more audiance. 


We offer a 4 Day Turnaround Guarantee on all newly delivered content and a 48 Hour Turnaround on all revisions.

Easy to Communicate

We communicate with you multiple times a day if you wish. This makes sure we get everything perfectly done the way you want.

Trying to grow your audiance?

We are the secret weapon the experts use to keep their audience engaged. Delivering volume amounts of content for your users.

Need more than 100 Pieces of content per month? Check out our Whitelabel Agency Plans where we can manage your clients for you.

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We can edit it!

If you record it...








Explainer Videos


We use a variation of
software to make the
best dang video possible.

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How it Works

Send us the Link to your content

We can integrate into any platform or file transfer service you use. 

Increase Quality.
Decrease Bottlenecks.

delivery guarantee


We edit the content based on your ideas

We adhere to your style and we can even add to your brand by including custom motion graphics and custom transitions.

We deliver the content back to you and await revisions.

We understand the bottleneck that Revisions typically cause you. Thats why we guarantee 48 hours for revisions to get back to you. 

The perfect plan to fit your budget.

Select through a variety of plans to suit your content needs. We can deliver a video a day with our most popular plan.

Choose your pricing plan

  • 10 Videos a Month

    Every month
    Stories, Posts, or Product Videos
    • 1 Free Revision per Video
    • 2 Thumbnails per Video
    • Formatted for IG, YouTube, LinkedIn or TikTok
    • Motion Graphics Included
    • :15 sec to 2 Minutes Each Video
    • Premium Sound
    • Animated Logos & Graphics
    • 1TB Private Storage Included
    • Posts & Stories Sizing Available
  • Most Popular

    30 Videos a Month

    Every month
    Build your Brand with Daily Videos
    • Create a Daily Video for your Viewers, Algorithm Enhanced
    • :15 Sec to 2 Min, Stories, Shorts, Reels, or Posts
    • 5 Free Revisions, if necessary
    • Dedicated Team of 4
    • Dedicated Account Management
    • Dedicated Creative Director
    • Communicate Via Phone, Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, Messenger
    • Calendar of Posts Included
    • Integrate with your choice of Posting Software
    • Formatted for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
    • Motion Graphics
    • Animated Logos
    • Transcribed Audio
    • Premium Sound
    • Custom Transitions
    • Rotoscoping, Object Remove/Add
    • 5TB of Included Cloud Storage
  • 100 Videos a Month

    Every month
    3 Times Daily and More! Includes Dedicated Team
    • Post 3 to 4 Times Daily, Algorithm Enhanced
    • Transcribed Videos formatted to your Brand
    • :15 sec to 2 Min, Stories, Shorts, Reels, and Posts
    • FREE Reformat for Different Platforms
    • 5 Free Revisions, if necessary
    • Dedicated Team of 4
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Dedicated Creative Director
    • Communicate via Phone, Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, Messenger
    • Calendar of Posts Times Included
    • Integrate with your choice of Posting Software
    • Formatted for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more
    • Motion Graphics
    • Animated Logos
    • Premium Sound, Algorithm Enhanced
    • Custom Transitions
    • Rotoscoping, Object Removal/Add
    • 5TB of Included Cloud Storage
    • 2 Free Thumbnails per Video
  • Long Form, 200 Minutes

    Every month
    YouTube Channel Video Editing
    • Create Long Form Videos
    • Multiple Angles, Slide-Ins, and CutDowns
    • Full Posting Strategy Included
    • 2 Free Thumbnails per Video
    • 5 Free Revisions
    • Dedicated Team of 4
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Dedicated Creative Director
    • Communicate Via Phone, Slack, Email, Discord, WhatsApp
    • Calendar of Posting Schedule Included
    • Integrate with YouTube Studio
    • YouTube Shorts CutDowns Included for Lead Gen
    • Transcribed in Multiple Languages Included (3 Languages)
    • Motion Graphic
    • Animated Logos
    • Premium Sound
    • Custom Transitions
    • Custom Luts
    • Rotoscoping, Object Removal/Add
    • 5TB Included Cloud Storage
Pricing Influencer
"Working with Thurgood Media has been an absolute game-changer for me as an influencer who creates daily content. Their exceptional video editing services have transformed my raw footage into captivating and engaging videos. They found my style super fast and made me feel like we had been working together for years!  The team's attention to detail! WOW! Never have I waited for more than 4 days to recieve my videos. Thanks to Thurgood Media, I can confidently say that my content is in the hands of true experts who understand my vision and deliver beyond expectations. If you're an influencer looking for top-tier video editing, these guys are the ultimate solution."

Alexa Young, CA

- 100% Satasfaction Guarantee -

Get 4 free :30 Videos

the first month

with our Premium Plans

Have more questions? Contact us here

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